Mission Control Statement


The RIPE Project was built as a framework to explore what it means to be creative. The process, the habit, the technique, the arc. The inaugural focus of The RIPE Project is to chronicle as I create a new solo show — “RIPE” — from original concept to the stage. Anything that sparks an idea is fair game for this blog.


The RIPE Project was born over dinner with one of my friends and collaborators, Gerry Stockstill. For the mini-series edition, your can read Post #1, Pennsylvania Six Five O-O-Ohhhh….

For you C students and the impatient, here’s the Cliff Notes:

I act and sing. I write. I wind a decent story. For a couple of years I’ve had this desire to create a solo show entitled RIPE. The concept for RIPE, the show has shadowed my brain for a while. It revealed itself in a flash then scurried away so I’m hunting it down again.

Essentially, RIPE is my desire to step up and be the real me as a person and as a performer, warts, bells, whistles and falls. In the course of this work I seek to uncover, discover, recover — me. On the stage in performance I hope to share the truth that is, well — us. People. Just living our lives on the way to those places we really want to go.


3 thoughts on “Mission Control Statement

  1. Dezur – Just got to seeing this wonderful project of yours. I’m exploring every nook I can open. What a writer you are! I had no idea. This is something I can fall into – we are all at some time at this very place – “What comes next?” Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing more. Please give my best to Eric. Maryann

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